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How to use shipping voucher

  1. Visit store of your choice and login in your account.
  1. Find/Search the product you would like to purchase.
  2. Click on “Add to cart” to the selected product you would like to purchase.
  1. After add to cart, you may view your cart or continue shopping
  1. At view cart section, select the items which you wish to purchase.
  2. There will be an indication of vouchers you are entitled to.
  3. To proceed, click check out/proceed with payment.
  1. Click on “Platform Voucher” to select any benefits or vouchers that you may be entitled to.
  1. Selected the pre-displayed vouchers OR, if you have any special code voucher, please enter on the search bar on the top right.
    (e.g; VOUCHER1)
  1. All applicable vouches will enable you to click it and a blue tick will appear.
  2. Once done, please click “Apply”.
  1. Check your final payment.
  2. Once done, please click “Continue to payment”.
  1. Proceed with payment gateway selection and confirm your mailing address.
  2. Check on the total amount and click “Pay Now”
  3. Then you be routed to your payment gateway to enter your banking details.